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Canadians spend $30 billion annually on medicine. 

Join our mission to redirect $750 million back to the cause you care about.

We think that's important. We're patients too. 

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The pharmacy shares a meaningful portion of profit to your cause.

People get donor fatigue being asked for money over and over again. This partnership with PatientSide Rx provides us with a new source of revenue and doesn’t cost anything extra for the people who wish to support our cause.

Kate Murray Executive Director/ Founder - Robbie's Rainbow

We put out information that will HELP a woman with Fibroids learn how to deal with things, and what to expect in terms of treatment choices. We want all Canadian women to make a conscious decision to support this initiative to progress the Fibroids awareness movement.

Pat Lee President/CANFib

There’s lots of stuff to do to get the HS Aware message out there. PatientSide Rx can mean tonnes of new resources for us to get the message out and it doesn’t cost our members and supporters anything extra.

Maria E. Goguen President/HS Aware

“Living with a chronic pain illness that is a debilitating disorder or disability can make anyone feel helpless. The ILC want to help you understand that you are much more powerful than you may know!”

Sandy Smeenk Executive Director/ The ILC Foundation

“People get donor fatigue being asked for money over and over again. This partnership with PatientSide provides us with a new source of revenue to support our programs and it doesn’t cost extra for our members to participate.”

Jen Hansen Executive Director/Connected In Motion

“It’s real! It was very exciting to receive our first check. What an amazing program and opportunity for community health organizations.”

Mike Stroh Founder/ Starts With Me

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