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Gain access to new revenue for your group by teaming up with PatientSide
⊕ Join a growing network of organizations taking control of their own future.
Collaborate with Patientside to develop all of your marketing materials.
Be part of a collective patient voice across the nation fighting for patients.
Become a real equity partner in our enterprise.


⊕ Your corporate social responsibility strategy can generate greater impact with PatientSide.
⊕ Give your employees a simple way to engage with causes that matter to them.
⊕ Generate a culture of health in your organization
⊕ Reach your corporate social goals at no additional cost 
⊕ Join a growing network of other progressive companies


⊕ Be recognized as a pharmacy committed to patient-centered care
⊕ Gain access to new business through our exclusive network of  advocacy groups
⊕ Join a professional network of pharmacies giving back to patients
⊕ Help shape a new future for community pharmacy 
⊕ Take a true leadership role influencing better health outcomes

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